Marketing a product directly to America through a home shopping network can create off-the-chart success. And expose you to serious financial risk.

AMP guides you through the process to maximize your potential and achieve your goals. We work with you on every facet of interaction with the network, including:

  • Creating a competitive review to better understand your product’s potential in the venue
  • Developing an Electronic Retail Marketing Strategy to effectively target pricing, initial offerings and more
  • Creating a custom presentation to make sure your product/brand makes the best first impression
  • Developing an targeted on-air presentation to assure your key benefits are demonstrated effectively
  • Identifying and training appropriate on-air talent to present your product successfully
  • Developing video and/or animation support to illustrate important features and benefits
  • Communicating with key network personnel, including hosts, line producers, backstage support, and others to assure flawless airings
  • Providing support and guidance to help your staff navigate all aspects of working with the network’s online tools